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hg_wireless's Journal

Hana Gitelman
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I was destined to become a soldier; it was in my blood. My grandmother fought the Nazis, my mother was one of the first female pilots in the IDF.

I guess you could say I let them down.

They were taken from me in a terrorist attack, and my desire for revenge kept me behind a desk. I was a good intelligence officer--one of the best, in fact--but my shame would haunt me forever.

Then a man in horned rimmed glasses gave me an offer I could not refuse: training, and a chance to get in the field and do good for the world. And I... I believed him. Trusted him.

He and his people awoke something in me, broadened my senses in ways I had never imagined. They opened my mind wide... and then abandoned me when I needed them most.

Now... Now I have a new target for revenge. And I will not stop until I find him.

My name is Hana Gitelman. I am... Wireless.

((This is an RP journal for theatrical_muse.))